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On the first page of this site I wrote that there are likely to be continual changes as these notes are added to and the pages develop over time. Looking at other sites I’ve found I have a problem discovering what has changed since my last visit so, in an attempt to track what I’ve changed myself, I’ll make a determined attempt to keep this up to date by using this page to record each change.

However, although each reference will take you to the actual comment, when there is more than one change on a single page you will be taken only to that page and will then have to look down for the amendment or addition.

The latest additions and amendments to any of the pages will be marked by a pale background – as in this paragraph. I hope this will be sufficient to mark changes and be relatively easily seen.




2022.01.25 The Babaud and Masson families The birth date of Dominique Joseph Cassini has been added for clarity.
2022.01.09 Introduction General notes on the home page have been amended with an apology for my not keeping abreast of architectural developments in the Qatar peninsula.
2022.01.02 Population The population figures for December 2021 have been added.
2022.01.01 Updates 2022 The site has been updated with respect to the copyright notices on each page.


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