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On the first page of this site I wrote that there are likely to be continual changes as these notes are added to and the pages develop over time. Looking at other sites I’ve found I have a problem discovering what has changed since my last visit so, in an attempt to track what I’ve changed myself, I’ll make a determined attempt to keep this up to date by using this page to record each change.

However, although each reference will take you to the actual comment, when there is more than one change on a single page you will be taken only to that page and will then have to look down for the amendment or addition.

The latest additions and amendments to any of the pages will be marked by a pale background – as in this paragraph. I hope this will be sufficient to mark changes and be relatively easily seen.




2017.05.24 Introduction A note relating to my grandfather and granduncle has been expanded.
2017.05.22 References
A link to a bi-lingual glossary of terms relating to urban planning has been added, and a note referring to it on the glossary page.
2017.05.21 Islamic urban design 05 A note and two photographs have been added relating to the completion of the first of the stadia to be completed for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
2017.05.18 Islamic urban design 03
Old photographs of Qatar 01
A note on the 1975 development of the Qatar National Museum has been expanded with the addition of five photographs, and a photograph has been added to one of the Old Qatar pages.
2017.05.13 Islamic urban design 03 An illustrated note has been added looking at an old residential building in the Rumaillah area of Doha.
2017.05.09 Corporate image and logos A note on corporate documentation has been amended and an illustration added.
2017.05.01 Population The population statistics for April 2017 have been added.
2017.04.28 Islamic urban design 01
Islamic urban design 05
An illustration has been added relating to boundaries and two photographs of advertisements have been added and a note rewritten.
2017.04.23 Society 02
Islamic urban design 01
Two photos have been added with accompanying notes amended and briefly augmented.
2017.04.19 Society 02
Society 04
A small number of photographs have been added with commentary on two of the Society pages.
2017.04.14 The State’s administration A note has been started discussing the majlis and administration of the State.
2017.04.11 Glossary
A small number of words have been added to the glossary, with one having its pronunciation amended, and a brief note on the battles at Bullecourt revised.
2017.04.07 Graphic design studies A group of graphic design kufic studies have been added with commentary.
2017.04.05 Society 03
A note has been added on the acquisition and dispersing of wealth, together with two references.
2017.04.02 Population The population statistics for March 2017 have been added, together with a comment about the size of the national population at the beginning of the 1970s.
2017.03.31 Islamic urban design 05 An illustrated note has been added looking at some of the early developments in Qatar.
2017.03.28 Graphic design studies
Society 06/06
A kufic design has been re-drawn. In the Islamic design section a paragraph has been revised looking at the razeef, and a word added to the glossary.
2017.03.25 Graphic design studies A pair of graphic studies made for an exhibition have been added.
2017.03.22 Gulf architecture 05/08 An illustrated note has been written on the character of two panels carved into a juss finished wall.
2017.03.19 Apartment housing An illustrated note has been added on the possible layouts of apartments caused by the addition of family entrances.
2017.03.15 Arabic / Islamic geometry 01 An illustrated pattern based on eight-point geometry has been added.
2017.03.12 Old photographs of Qatar 02 An illustration and note on the old fort at al-Wakra have been amended.
2017.03.10 Arabic / Islamic geometry 04
Gulf architecture 05/08
Illustrated notes have been added relating to the geometry behind a naqsh panel, and an architrave, both at Wakra.
2017.03.06 Apartment housing A note has been written on the conflict between apartments and Qatari culture.
2017.03.05 Population The population statistics have been updated with the addition of the comparison percentages for each previous twelve months.
2017.03.03 Apartment housing A note has been written on the government’s intervention in an effort to improve apartment design.
2017.03.01 Population The population statistics for February 2017 have been added.
2017.02.28 Apartment housing A note on the layout of apartments and the relevance to Qatari socio-cultural norms has been written.
2017.02.24 Islamic / Arabic geometry 02 An illustrated note on a development of six-point geometry has been added.
2017.02.23 Apartment housing A photograph has been added and text amended on housing at Umm Said.
2017.02.22 Apartment housing A brief note has been added on the beginnings of staff housing apartment blocks.
2017.02.19 Apartment housing An illustrated note has been added on private sector apartments.
2017.02.17 A new approach – principles Six diagrams have been re-drawn and minimal amendments to text made.
2017.02.15 Population A note on estimates of the national population has been amended and augmented.
2017.02.13 Introduction A note referring to the troop ship ss. ‘Donegal’ has been revised.
2017.02.11 Apartment housing A note has been added on the increasing size of apartment blocks and government housing.
2017.02.05 Apartment housing A new page has been started that looks at the development of apartments in Qatar.
2017.02.01 Population The population statistics for January 2017 have been added.
2017.01.29 Gulf architecture 04/08 An illustrated note has been added on the design of a ventilated doorway.
2017.01.26 Gulf architecture 04/08
Islamic urban design 02/05
Notes have been added to the sections looking at other screening solutions in Qatar’s architectural vocabulary, and in its urban design.
2017.01.17 Arabic / Islamic architecture
Arabic / Islamic urban design 01
A note has been written on the potential for change in the design of mosques.
2017.01.13 Arabic / Islamic geometry 02 A note has been added on the construction of a volute based on the Golden Section.
2017.01.11 Arabic / Islamic gardens A comment has been made on the prohibition of the Damas plant – Conocarpus lancifolius.
2017.01.10 Gulf architecture 02
Islamic urban design 04
Old photographs of Qatar 02
Notes relating to a building in Doha’s suq have been updated.
2017.01.08 Gulf architecture 05 An illustrated note has been added on the design of balustrading on a traditional building.
2017.01.07 Gulf architecture 01 An illustration of the extent of the Pearl development in July 2016 has been added and the adjacent notes amended.
2017.01.05 Scotland A photograph of Scotland has been changed.
2017.01.04 Introduction The page looking at origins of the battle at Bullecourt has had a small number of amendments made.
2017.01.01 Updates 2017
The site has been updated to reflect the new year with regard to dates and the copyright notice, and the ‘About’ page has been lightly edited. The population statistics for December 2016 have been added.


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