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Apologies for the additional page, but I’m trying to avoid spam, and using a separate page seemed like a good idea at the time as I was reluctant to use a graphic in order to avoid the bots.

So, first of all my thanks to the Enkoder programme for the code to hide my address from spammers. For those who are interested it seems to have done its job for some time. Let’s hope this continues.

Now, if you have a question you would like to ask, have seen typographical or other errors – it’s not easy proofing your own writing – if there are links missing, broken or wrong, or if you wish to make a suggestion relating to information or any other aspect of this site, please me when I shall attempt to answer or deal with it as efficiently as possible.

Please bear in mind, as I have said elsewhere, that the information on this site is under continuous development and can nowhere be said to be complete. These really are collections of notes and not well-considered essays.

Errors of omission and commission are my own.

I am in the process of attempting to work out a better way of structuring the information in order to keep the pages relatively small. So far I have been unsuccessful and for this I apologise to anybody having a problem with long loading times.

As you’ll see from the foot of each page, my work is copyright but I have discovered that notes have already been stolen and passed off as the work of others. However, if you wish to use anything I have written, please ask and I’ll see what can be arranged. Think how good you’ll feel…

The image above is one of a number which rotate with each time the page is opened and are the same as those on my home and other housekeeping pages. They are changed from time to time but, if you wish to see more, try the photography pages on this site.


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