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John Lockerbie

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Right, now you’ve got to the boring bit that most sites seem to have. Close your eyes and I’ll tell you when it’s all over…

By profession I have been employed as an architect, urban designer and planner. Educated and trained in the United Kingdom I have worked in various parts of north America, Europe and the Middle East – the latter being the setting for my main area of professional interest, and what has now developed into the greater part of this site.

In addition to working in the areas of architecture, planning, urban design and project management, I have taught architecture, urban design, graphic design and presentation techniques. These have brought additional benefit, enabling me to gain wide experience and degrees of involvement ranging in scale from the exciting design worlds of graphics, crockery and cutlery, glass and napery, furniture, interior design, architectural, landscaping, urban design and master planning through to national strategic planning. I have also found myself lucky to have worked in regulatory controls, change management relating to national and local government, as well as in primary education.

In common with many people I have a variety of other interests including but not limited to areas of the arts, design, science and technical subjects, genealogy, writing, travel – the list seems endless…

That’s enough of this kind of thing. Most people have a fairly wide range of interests, but they do look a little odd, written down… Why is it people feel compelled to write all this type of rubbish on their ‘about’ pages?

So, finally, my grateful thanks if you’ve made it this far, and my profound apologies for what is likely to be the continuing state of development that is likely to characterise this site.

That’s it, you can open your eyes now…

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